The Silhouette Lift™ – The 60 minute facelift

One-Hour Facelifting

What is s Silhouete Lift™

The Silhouette Lift™ gives you back your youthful face without general anesthesia, without hospitalization and without a long recovery time. The Silhouette Lift™ is an in office procedure for patients seeking a significant mid-face lift without major surgery, without prolonged recovery, with minimal risk, and without the high costs associated with traditional surgical face-lifts.

What are the benefits of the Silhoutte Lift™?

It is ONE-TIME procedure, which takes only one hour to perform.
It is done in a comfortable office environment under local anesthesia.
You will get a Natural, Long Lasting Result.
The Silhouette Lift™ procedure has been approved by the US FDA in 2006 and CE marked for the European market. Somewhere in the world, every 15 minutes, someone is undergoing a Silhouette Lift procedure. The Silhouette Sutures® are made of polypropylene, a biocompatible material which has been used in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgery, and bio resorbable cones.

Silhouette Lift™ is suitable for both men and women.
Silhouette Lift™ is ideal for correcting signs of aging in the nasolabial folds, the expression lines and the jowls.
Silhouette Lift™ gives you the opportunity to regain volume in the cheeks, and to redefine your jaw line. You will enjoy immediate results.

In addition to cosmetic use, the Silhouette Sutures® are used by surgeons within major hospitals nationwide and in Europe for reconstructive surgery.

Who performs the Silhouette Lift™ procedure

Only a few select surgeons perform this procedure. Each surgeon has to be trained on a hands-on course that is sponsored by the manufacturer. Dr. Bader was one of the leading providers of the once popular Contour Thread Lift, which is no longer sold. The Silhouette Lift™ procedure is nearly identical to the Contour thread procedure, from a technical standpoint. Dr. Bader performs the procedure himself and is assisted by his nursing staff.

Is the Silhouette Lift™ safe?

The Silhouette Lift™ is the latest and only FDA-approved mid-face lifting suture used in the United States. As it is performed under local anesthesia and only requires a small incision within the hair of the sideburn, the risk of complication is extremely low.

What are Silhouette Sutures™?

The threads are made of polypropylene, which is one of the most common non-dissolvable sutures used today. The body does not react against this suture. There are knots on the suture, which hold it in place. In order to assist with the knots securing itself in the skin, dissolvable cones are in place which last 1 year.

Where are the sutures placed for the Silhouette Lift?

How long does the Silhouette Lift™ last?

The sutures themselves do not dissolve. Like a traditional facelift, the aging process continues and gravity will always win. The lift itself will be long lasting. With time, the sutures can usually be tightened and not completely replaced, to restore a youthful appearance without the need for placing new sutures. This is in contrast to a facelift, in which the entire surgical procedure must be repeated.

How is the Silhouette Lift™ different than a traditional facelift?

This procedure is totally different. With this lift, a small incision is made within the hair above the sideburn. Through this incision, the Silhouette sutures™ are placed under the skin to lift the skin. There is no extensive surgery. There is no extensive removal of skin. The tiny incision is sutured with all dissolvable sutures. With the traditional facelift procedure, an incision is made around the ear and the skin on the cheeks is loosened and most of its connections to the deeper tissues are removed. Sutures are placed to tighten the deeper SMAS, thus creating the lift. The excess skin is surgically removed and the skin is then closed with stitches. Some physicians still use drains that are placed to reduce the risk of blood collecting under the skin.

How is this different from the Silhouette Soft™ Lift?

There are several major differences between the two lifts. First, the threads used for the Silhouette Soft™ Lift are NOT permanent (the dissolve in 12-18 months), require many more threads to be effective, and do not attain the degree of tightening that can be gotten with the Silhouette Lift™. The is much simpler Silhouette Soft™ Lift to perform and thousands of surgeons are performing this today, while one a handful of of highly selected surgeons perform the Silhouette Lift™.

Robert S. Bader, M.D., Dermatologist

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