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Age Spot Treatment

Don't let age spots or freckles get you down or show your age.  At RSB Dermatology we make sure to help you get the clean and youthful skin you wish for!

Age spots, called solar lentigo or solar lentigines, are a common cosmetic problem for many patients. Age spots appear in middle age or later and can be few or numerous. Typically, light brown flat spots appear on sun-exposed skin. Although these spots are harmless, you need to know the difference beween this harmless lesion and a type of skin cancer called lentigo maligna or lentigo maligna melanoma. If you notice the spots changing colors, have an irregular border, have more than one color, you should be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist immediately.

Our solar lentingines or age spot treatments can help you regain your confidence and will give you a healthy, clear, and glowing skin. We offer age spot creams, IPL, chemical peels, laser peels and more.

Many treatments are available for the treatment of age spots. The list below contains some of the more commonly used treatments. The items in BOLD are Dr. Bader's most common recommendations. Treatments cost as little at $35, so what are you waiting for?

Topical medications

2% hydroquinone (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE)
Glycolic acid
Kojic acid
Vitamin C, topical (best when combined with Vitamin E and Ferrulic acid) (CLICK HERE TO SEE BEST AVAILABLE)
Retinol or retinaldehyde

4%-8% hydroquinone (often combined with Vitamin C, tretinoin, and a mild steroid)
Azelaic acid (safe in pregnancy)
tretinoin (not very effective alone)

Chemical peels

Glycolic acid
Salicylic acid
Jessner’s solution
20% Tricholoracetic acid (TCA)

Laser & Intense Pulsed Light
(IPL or “Photofacial”)

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Nd:Yag (neodinium Yag)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)-resurfacing


Most effective when combined with topical therapy or chemical peels

Alone, there is no long-term benefit from microdermabrasion alone. 

What does Dr. Bader recommend for the treatment of age spots?

He recommends two options for most people. Prescription compounded creams work great when one only has a few spots. There is no downtime. Dr. Bader does not sell the product in his office which DOUBLES the cost to the patient. He sends the prescription to a compound pharmacy where the cost is around $35.  For those with a lot of age spots, IPL (intense pulsed light) is recommended. Three or more treatment sessions are usually required, spaced at least 3 weeks apart. The spots get darker after treatment and can last a few weeks.

Solar Lentigo Treatment

Don’t let the age spots or freckles let you down, as we at RSB Dermatology make sure you get the clean and clear skin you wish for! The solar lentigos are flat spots that result from exposure to sun, especially if you have fair skin. They vary in color depending on the skin tone and can be from yellow-brown to dark brown-black.

Our solar lentigines treatment helps you regain your confidence and healthy, clear, and glowing skin. Apart from other methodologies, we also offer the solar lentigo treatment cream that you can apply to the affected area to lighten the marks.

Although solar lentigines are completely harmless, you need to learn the difference between them and a type of skin cancer disease known as lentigo maligna melanoma. In case you notice the brown spots with multiple colors and an irregular border, you must immediately seek medical help and advice