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Repair Earlobe Tear & Split Earlobe Repair


Partial earlobe tears and full tears or splits can easily be repaired in the office in less than 30 minutes. These are very common and patients often report that a child pulled the earring and tore the lobe.

How is the ear lobe repaired?

The tear is cut out and stitched back together. Sometimes a laser resurfacing procedure is recommended to reduce the appearance of the scar (approximately 2 weeks after the procedure).

Those with larger holes, caused by gauges, can also be repaired, which is more complicated.  This too can be done in the office in less than 30 minutes.

In most cases, these repairs are not covered by insurance.

Can I have the ear repierced after the ear lobe tear is fixed?

Yes. We recommend that you wait at least 6 to 8 weeks. The scar that will form will be weaker than the normal skin, so one must be careful not to re-tear the earlobe. Just like when gets their first earring, one must get a starter earring, which is a simple gold-plated stud.

This is a very minor procedure with minimal requirements after the procedure. Nearly all patients return to normal daily activities the day after the procedure. A bandage will be placed in most cases and may be left for 1-2 days. Ointment must be applied to the sutures twice daily. The sutures are usually removed 7 days after the procedure. Exercise can be resumed 48 hours after the surgery.

Will there be pain after the earlobe repair.

In nearly all cases, there is no discomfort after the procedure. Those with a low tolerance for pain may take Tylenol, which is all that is needed. For more extensive repairs, Tylenol may be recommended.

Will there be a visible scar after earlobe tear repair?

Whenever the skin is cut, there will be a scar. The scar is a fine line. For those who wish to minimize the scar as much as possible, we recommend the carbon dioxide laser 2 weeks after the procedure that helps to reduce the scar.

Can I wear earrings after the tear is fixed?

Yes. One must wait at least 6-8 weeks after the repair to get the ear re-pierced. We do not recommend every wearing heavy earrings or larger hoops. 

Full Tear Earlobe

Full & Partial Splits

Ear Rejuvenation

As we age, our earlobes deflate as they lose volume. Volume can be restored by using fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm. These work instantly to plump up the lobe, lifting earrings that often sag, and give a youthful appearance. These fillers often 6 months or longer.

Lines can appear on the earlobe, which often occurs after many years of smoking. While fillers can improve this, laser resurfacing can be used, or both.


Ear Keloid Removal

The removal of earlobe keloids is very difficult and in some cases surgical removal may result in the formation an even larger keloid.

Dr. Bader has removed many keloids successfully using a combination approach of injections, surgery, and topical medications. This treatment regimen is a process that takes many months to reduce the risk of recurrence.

One must be patient.  Rushing this process and performing the surgery too soon can often result in the recurrence of the keloid, which may be even bigger than the one removed.