Cosmetic Fees

Sample fees

Please call for our most up to date fees. These fees are representative and are not guaranteed.

Dysport 1 zone

$ 395.00
  • One zone is any ONE of the following: Frown line complex, the crow's feet, or the forehead. These fees do not include other discounts that may be applicable.

Dysport 2 zones

$ 595.00
  • This price includes the treatment of any TWO zones: frown lines, crows' feet, or forehead.

Dysport 3 zones

$ 795.00
  • This fee includes treatment of the frown lines, forehead, and crow's feet.

Restylane - L OR Restylane Lyft

$ 595.00
  • Restylane has been the classic filler used for decades. Restylane - L is most commonly used for the smile lines, marionette lines, tear trough (under the eye), and the frown lines. Restylane Lyft adds volume and is commonly used for the cheeks and temples.

Restylane Silk

  • This product has the smallest particles of hyaluronic acid and is best for fine lines. Commonly treated areas include the upper and lower lip lines, crow's feet, and fine lines on the cheeks.


  • Threadlifting is commonly used for the cheeks for those who are not quite ready for a surgical facelift. The brows can be lifted and the neck tightened. Fees start at $1500.


$ 150 sitting fee+ $25 per thread
  • Threads can be used to stimulate collagen growth and to help fill in lines. These threads are not the same as those used for "lifting".

Ultherapy -Browlift

  • 20 minute non-surgical browlift.

CO2 laser, perioral

$ 1999.00
  • The fractional CO2 laser is used for moderate lines on the upper and lower lip. This is not a "light" peel.


$ 225 and up
  • The "gold standard" treatment for spider veins.