Our Office Policies

Cancellation Policy

We do our best to ensure that all of our patients receive the best possible care. In order to do so, we try to ensure that all of our patients be seen in a timely fashion. When one does not cancel his/her appointment or does not give enough notice, the ability of others to be seen in a timely fashion is affected as that appointment time is wasted. Therefore, in an effort to reduce the number of patients that do not show for their appointments, our office
has instituted the following policy regarding cancelled appointments. In order to cancel or change an appointment, our office requires the following:
• Regular office visits: Everyone provide 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment. Failure to do so will result in a $50 charge.
• Minor Surgical Procedures (excision, Botox, Dysport, Restylane, sclerotherapy 3cc or less, Radiesse, CO2 laser for post-surgical scars, acne surgery, milia removal, sebaceous hyperplasia treatment, seborrheic keratosis treatment, skin tag removal, acne surgery, milia removal, spot dermabrasion, light chemical peels, laser hair removal, IPL): Everyone provide 48 hour notice. Failure to do so will result in a $125 charge
• Mohs’ Surgery & Full Sclerotherapy Sessions (over 3-cc planned): provide 5 day notice (120 hours). Failure to do so will result in a $250 charge.
• OTHER PROCEDURES (Ultherapy, laser resurfacing, acne scar treatment, threadlift, or other procedures requiring a deposit: The terms will be stated on the deposit agreement that is signed for that procedure. In any case, it will require no less than 5 day notice (120 hours) and be no less than $125.

If one provides less than the above required notice, our office may waive or reduce the charges above (for existing patients only). This should not be expected and will be at our discretion and restrictions will apply. If our office believes that circumstances warrant such, this may only be done once in the patient’s lifetime.

Those who arrive more than 20 minutes late will be considered a no-show and the above fees will apply.

Minors Policy

Florida Law requires the consent of a parent (mother or father) or a legal guardian for the treatment of a minor.

For NEW minor patients, our office requires that a parent or legal guardian be present for the first visit for all patients under the age of 18NO EXCEPTIONS. For follow-up visits, one can consent to allow someone over the age of 18 to bring the Minor in for an evaluation, but no procedures may be performed (i.e. biopsy, freezing of warts, acne surgery etc).

Robert S. Bader, M.D., Dermatologist

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