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For your safety and convenience, we offer several online services that make it fast, easy and safe to communicate directly with the doctor, send photos to the doctor, review your bills, read handouts that were provided, see parts of your medical chart, schedule/change/cancel appointments, and have online visits (teledermatology).

Below are instructions and videos on how to use these services.

ONLINE PORTAL Schedule appointments and more

Using our online portal, you can send a message directly to the doctor, request an appointment, see parts of your medical record, send photos to the doctor to review, check in for your appointments, review your medications, allergies, and medical problems, and view your billing history. We HIGHLY recommend that ALL patients utilize this service.

How to Create Account in (our portal) – send messages to the doctor, check in for appointments, make/change/cancel appointments

  1. You will receive an email from “Onpatient invite” with a subject line stating “Connect with Dr. Robert Bader via onpatient”
    1. You must open this email within 24 hours
    2. If not, you may create your own account at and connect with Dr. Bader. We do not support this as it is more difficult than using our invitation.
  2. Click on Pink button that says “Sign Up Now”
  3. A box will pop up that is pre-filled out for you (name & email address)
  4. Ensure all the information is accurate
  5. Create a password and enter it in the appropriate box (bottom right)
  6. Click the pink “Sign Up” button.
  7. You will need to confirm your identity by entering in your date of birth and phone number. PLEASE BE ADVISED: we may have your cell phone number, your home number, or business number entered in our system. If one phone number does not work, try another. If none work, please call us for assistance.

How to send messages and/or photos to the doctor using

  1. Log into
  2. Go to the MESSAGES tab on the top of the screen. It is in the middle.
  3. Select SEND MESSAGE
  4. Select the recipient–the doctor you wish to send the message and photos to.
  5. You may type a subject line for the doctor, enter a message, and attach any photographs at the bottom of the screen in the box.  You MUST wait for the photographs to fully load before sending the message.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: You can only send ONE photograph per message! If have more than one to send, you must send them in different messages.

Online Visits (live Telemedicine visits)


  1. You  must have one of the two in order to have an online visit:
    1. A computer or phone that has both a camera and a microphone
    2. An iphone that has Facetime. If you wish to use Facetime, LET US KNOW in advance, as Dr. Bader will not know to call you. Ensure that we have your phone number as well.
  2. STEP 1: Schedule your appointment online at or by calling our office
  3. STEP 2: Check in for your appointment by logging into www.onpatient.comPlease do this at least one hour before your appointment (we recommend doing this the day before).
  4. STEP 3 (at same time as Step 2): It is best to send photographs of your rash or growth at least several hours before your appointment through the portal (see the above section). Please follow the directions above to do so. The image quality of the live visits is limited to the quality of your camera and often is not great. If you choose not to send photographs, the quality of your care might be affected. PLEASE send photographs in advance.
  5. STEP 4: If are using Facetime ENSURE THAT WE KNOW. If you are going to use the portal, follow the following steps: At least 15 minutes prior to your appointment 
    1. do one of the two (#2 is easiest):
      1. Go to  At the bottom right of the screen, under “START YOUR ONLINE VISIT NOW”, click on the words that say “Start an online visit with”. The font is very light blue and is difficult to see.  Google CHROME works best!
      2. Go to Google Chrome works best!
    2. You will be asked to give permission to use your camera and microphone. Agree and you will enter the virtual waiting room.
  6. People who wait until the last minute to do all of these Steps, may have problems. Please test system PRIOR to your visit!

Robert S. Bader, M.D., Dermatologist

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