Threads, Threads, and more Threads: reduce lines & tighten the cheeks and neck

First, we had Contour threads–a permanent suture that was placed under the skin to suspend or lift the skin of the face and forehead. This was a great product with excellent results that lasted years. Unfortunately, the procedure did require skill and less skilled surgeons began using the product with less than ideal results. As a result, the suture was removed from the market. Over the years, there have been other innovative products to accomplish this task and more. Today many great options to tighten the cheeks and avoid the need for a facelift in many patients. With the latest threads available, many patients who are “early” candidates for a facelift may avoid this by having threads placed to suspend the cheeks, jowls, neck, and even the eyebrows. These latest threads do not take long to place, are not very expensive, and the results often lasts one to two years, if not longer. With a cost starting at around $1,500, this is substantially less than a lower facelift, which in my local area starts at $15,000. Other areas can also be suspended, including the abdomen, knees, and other areas.

But, wait! There is more.

Threads have been used for more than just “suspending” the skin. Now, we can fill in deeper lines or folds, such as the smile lines, frown lines, and neck lines. We can add support and thicken thin, sun-damaged skin by putting a scaffolding of sutures under the area. The sutures do fill in the lines a little, but they induce a reaction from the body that created collagen around the suture and fills in lines and thickens the skin. And the cost is minimal compared to other procedures. The average patient pays between $240 to $340 for a full treatment using these “filler” types of threads on the face with a range of $200 to $500. As it takes time for this reaction to develop, one must be patient to appreciate the results. After a few months one can see benefit and one can always add more sutures if needed. The results often last one or more years.

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Robert S. Bader, M.D., Dermatologist