Welcome! We are glad to have you part of the family.

We believe that you have what it takes to be a part of our team, but you must do your part!

We will lay out the groundwork for you of what needs to be done, but you must put the time and effort in. Everything that you need to succeed is in our printed and bound manuals. There is one for front staff and one for nursing. THAT IS YOUR BIBLE. You need to know how to schedule a filler appointment–>it is in there. You need to perform an injection–>it is in there. Use your manual instead of asking someone to help you.

In the first few pages of the manual there is a schedule of what you need to know how to do or what you need to memorize and by when. It is YOUR responsibility and no one else’s to stick to that schedule.

Below are some videos to get you started with our Practice Management and EHR System.




How to Navigate a Chart on the Desktop in Dr. Chrono:

Sending Handouts or other information to patients in the DESKTOP:

Using Documents in Dr. Chrono:

Charting in Desktop:

How to schedule an appointment:

Using appointment templates (only Dr. Bader creates):


Checking Messages:

Checking Tasks: See Messages above. There are BOTH messages and Tasks. Make sure you know how to and check both Several times a day!


Front Staff: Using appointment reminders:

Front Staff: Using Ipad to check patients in:

Front Staff: Take Quiz #1

Front Staff: Take Quiz #2

Front Staff: Take Quiz #3


NURSING: Sending Refills in Desktop:

NURSING: Using the ipad for Visits: and

NURSING: Take Quiz #1