Acne Scars

Types of Acne Scars

For many patients, there is no one procedure that will accomplish all of one’s goals. Therefore, is often best to use a combined approach utilizing two or more different procedures to achieve an optimal result. Occasionally these procedures can be performed at the same time, although often these procedures are performed several weeks or many months apart.

There are three different types of acne scars, which are listed below in the blue boxes. Click on the blue box to read about that type of scar. Below are the various treatment options for each type of acne scar.




Treatment modalities commonly used for shallow, depressed scars

Treatment modalities commonly used for deeper, depressed scars

Treatment modalities commonly used for the treatment of ice-pick scars


As with most cosmetic surgery, treatment options must be considered on individual basis, as no one procedure is best for all. In many cases, one procedure may not afford as much benefit as two or more procedures. Therefore it is essential to evaluate each person on individual basis and devise a treatment plan based on the patient’s desires for improvement, recovery time needed, cost, and the risks of the procedure(s).