Skincare is OUR thing!

People always ask, what is the best sunscreen? What is the best anti-wrinkle cream? What should I be doing for my skin?

In short, avoid Sun exposure, avoid smoking, and eat a healthy diet. Right there is more than half the battle.

As far as sunscreens, I recommend using one that has a physical blocker. There are two active ingredients that are physical blockers: titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These block all of the Sun’s rays, are safest to use, and last the longest. We have several products, both tinted and natural color, that contain at least 12% physical blockers in their ingredients.

The second product that I recommend for many patients is a high quality topical Vitamin C. Why? This product, when stabilized, is a strong antioxidant that reduces damage from ultraviolet rays even after the product is washed off. Additionally, it helps even out skin tones by toning down melanocyte activity. This is particularly useful for aging skin, to reduce the appearance of age spots, and for those with melasma.

The third product that I recommend is a retinol product or prescription tretinoin. This helps repair superficial collagen damage and even out skin tones. It is still one of the best treatment that one can use.

After that, it varies from person to person. Topical hyaluronic acid preparations are useful to temporarily hydrate the skin, which will diminish fine lines and wrinkles temporarily. Peptide creams are useful to also help to undo sun damage and work well as a night cream.

In short, not all products are the same. Most are not even tested to see if they do what they say. Instead, they just add the ingredients that are known to most and then state what those ingredients are known to do, but not necessarily if their products have been tested to do just that. All of our products are tested and do what they state they do. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you a great holiday season!

Robert S. Bader, M.D., Dermatologist